This is that which hath descended from the realm of glory, uttered by the tongue of power and might, and revealed unto the Prophets of old. We have taken the inner essence thereof and clothed it in the garment of brevity, as a token of grace unto the righteous, that they may stand faithful unto the Covenant of God, may fulfill in their lives His trust, and in the realm of spirit obtain the gem of divine virtue.

Bahá’u’lláh – The Arabic Hidden Words, Preamble

The Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh are short yet powerful utterances, 71 of them revealed in Arabic and another 82 in Persian, which provide us with a kind of spiritual roadmap to living the life that is best for us.

We are planning to release videos for a couple of Hidden Words every month, making this a long-term project.

The order in which we plan to produce our videos on the Hidden Words will be based on various factors and criteria, such as the immediate relevance we feel they bear to our audience, and not necessarily the numerical order that has been assigned to them.

You can access playlists for both the Arabic and Persian Hidden Words below, and within these you will find the published videos to date. You may also browse by tags once you arrive in the category pages using the sidebar to your right.